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New Year, Big Goals

Are you sick of the saying, “New Year, New Me”? Us, too. We are all the same badass people we were last year, but maybe we just have a few new goals up our sleeve.

Resolutions are hard and honestly, most are broken the first few weeks/months of the year anyway. We want to give you a bunch of ideas to hold yourself and the people around you accountable throughout the year. So here are some ideas from the trainers to keep you going on the right track…

  • Start a Meditation Practice. The benefits are endless – better sleep, better focus and less stress. If it feels overwhelming at first, start by just once a day finding a few minutes a day focusing on your breath. 

  • Read a book a month. Books that you have wanted to read but never have time to start. Make reading a priority, keep your mind sharp and your imagination alive. 

  • Add more fruits and vegetables to your grocery cart. Chocolate is okay too, but mostly real, whole foods this year. Please.

  • Volunteer. Find a cause or organization that puts a spark in your heart and give them some love. Show up and volunteer in ways that work for you and your family – whether that’s physically or financially. 

  • Clear out the clutter. How you do anything is how you do everything….so get organized, clean out the closets, clear out the things that don’t bring you joy and live simpler! Watch Marie Kondo on Netflix, she’ll turn your world upside down one sweet smile at a time. 

  • Lessen your weekly screen time. Turn off the devices and turn on your brain and focus on those around you who want your attention. Your iPhone can actually do that for you now, too! 

  • Reach out to an old friend. You’ve been thinking about them, they’ve been thinking about you. Reconnect with that someone who’s been on your mind. 

  • Compliment a stranger. Do you like that girls smile, dress, or shoes? Tell her! 

  • Walk or bike to work/school when weather permits. You’ll save yourself the gas and the road rage. 

  • Pack your lunch. Save the money and save the extra calories. This will allow you to know exactly what you are eating by being mindful of everything that’s in your sandwich! Be mindful of what your putting in your body everyday and bring back the importance of a healthy lunch. 

  • Start budgeting. That’s right…no more buy now, I hope I can pay for it later. Stick to a monthly budget and start saving! There are several apps that can do it for you, or a good old excel spreadsheet!

  • If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a HELL NO. Great advice for those who have a problem always saying yes to things!

  • Make date night a priority. Whether it’s a date night with your spouse, significant other or yourself — keep courting your loved one and let them know they are a priority! 

  • Experiment with a new workout! Get to that boxing class or that bounce class that you’ve been curious about. Keep your workouts fresh and make sure you are having fun while doing them.

  • Drink more water. Seems easy, but we need more of it. There’s water in coffee right? And the ice in a margarita doesn’t count. 

  • Travel. Understand people and places around you by going to see them. Go ahead, book it.

  • Sleep more. Create consistency in your sleep patterns. Your body needs you to get to bed a little earlier. 

  • Give up a vice/bad habit. Start slow and small, but just DO it. 

  • Stop saying you’re sorry all of the time. This is a chronic problem for many.  Saying I’m sorry for no reason at all. It’s not your fault so stop apologizing. 

  • Plan your workouts week by week. Make a plan so nothing comes between you and your “me time” in the gym. Put just over an hour on your calendar daily so no one can take that time from you.

  • Do 10 pushups, 20 squats, 30 mountain climbers, 40 jump jacks, and 50 speed skaters before you get in the shower to start your day. See what sticks.

  • Make “free” plans every week. Self care, dance parties, a long shower, you do you.

  • Spend in cash for one week every month. Nothing on the ol’ credit card. 

  • Pick up a new hobby. Want to paint? Want to be a hiker or a biker? Want to learn a new skill? Do it.

  • Take an online course in a subject that interests you. Why not keep learning?  You may find something you’re truly amazing at and love!

  • Get to know your neighbors. 

  • Keep a journal. Whether it’s a food journal or a thoughts/feelings style journal…start writing things down. It will allow you to start recognizing patterns in your emotional and physical health.

  • Smile more. Try to see the good first in all things. 

  • Say goodbye to things and relationships that don’t serve you. Stop holding out and holding on to jobs and people and things that suck the life out of you. A huge weight will be off your shoulders. Let em go. 


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